From Wheelchair to MMA Ring, MMA Fighter Makes Miraculous Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis, Attributes to Mitch Ross

Mitch Ross, ‘The Ultimate’ Deer Antler Spray creator indicates that the word “performance enhancement” has developed a stigma over the past few years due to people’s erroneous accusations that the term is synonymous with “steroids.” The reality is that there are numerous performance-enhancing technologies and natural supplements that do not have the negative long-term effects on the body. In fact, Deer Antler Spray is one supplement that has actually been proven to help people as they recover from certain injuries and illnesses.

One person who has benefited from the use of steroid alternatives is MMA fighter Jay Mendez. A featherweight fighter, Mendez has been participating in MMA matches over the past couple of years. However, his career was cut short when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a little over a year ago. This debilitating disease has affected countless athletes in the past and had confined Mendez to a wheelchair.

There seemed to be only two options for Mendez when he received the diagnosis. He could either stay in the wheelchair and give up on his MMA career permanently, or he could turn to the popular route of taking anabolic steroids to boost his recovery. Fortunately, there was a third option that proved to be the most viable course of action. Mitch Ross stepped in with his specialized Protocol and was able to help Mendez get back on his feet.

Jay Mendez describes his condition and how it affected him in a video interview with Mitch Ross. Mendez explains how he completely lost the sight in his left eye and was down to just a fifth of the strength in his right eye. The cause of the multiple sclerosis is still relatively unknown, but Mitch speculates whether it was caused by Mendez’s participation in an extremely physical sport. Mendez reportedly suffered through at least four concussions and one knockout, which could have had a significant impact on his body.

Eventually, the fighter lost mobility in his legs and was confined to a hospital bed for a couple of months. It was at this point that Mitch decided to lend a hand and sent the materials for his Protocol. The steps that Mendez was ordered to follow to speed up his recovery are listed below:

-       Each morning, Mendez had to put one performance chip on the inside of each of his ankles. Then, he had to drink a glass of orange juice mixed with a supplement called LEAP. Finally, he had to take one Neutropin Enteric Tablet. All this had to be done first thing in the morning as soon as Mendez woke up.

-       The Jacked Deer Antler Spray and LEAP would be used three times a day.

-       Mendez would end his day by taking another two Neutropin Enteric Tablets and drinking another glass of the LEAP mixture right before he went to bed.

Mitch Ross, the ‘Deer Antler Man’ comments, “Jay was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and confined to a wheelchair. Doctors told him to get used to life in a wheelchair. However, I walked him through my Protocol and helped him on his road to recovery.”

“After just a couple of months of following this Protocol, he was ready to start training for the MMA once again,” states Mitch. “Jay Mendez is one of the only people in sports history to go from the wheelchair back into the MMA ring, all thanks to my Protocol” (which can be found here)

Right before the fight, Mitch followed up with Jay to hear his testimony on the Protocol and how it was a healthy alternative to steroid treatment. He makes several points throughout the video conversation about the improvements in his health from Deer Antler Spray.

-       Jay Mendez indicates he did not trust the doctors’ recommendation for steroids and believed that their treatments would not work. He wanted to go a more natural route, which is why he turned to the Mitch Ross Protocol.

-       After several months on the program, he was astounded to see how he went from wheelchair, to crutches, to being able to walk upright. Within a short amount of time he was back in the gym, ready to start training for his next match.

-       Jay has seen vast improvements in the gym regarding his strength and endurance. He is now able to bench 320 pounds, and he can lift four plates on the incline press.

According to both Jay Mendez “I give all the credit to God and the Protocol Mitch me on.”

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